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Karcher – BR 30/4 C Micro Scrubber 12”, 1.783-202.0
Karcher BR 30/4 C Micro Scrubber 12”, 1.783-202.0
Our Price: $1,620.00

Karcher – BR 30/4 C Micro Scrubber 12”, 1.783-202.0
Clean anywhere in congested areas with this compact, lightweight scrubber.
Kärcher’s compact BR 30/4 C scrubber provides a far more efficient and hygienic alternative to manual mopping and scrubbing. Ideal for use on hard floors and tile, the BR 30/4 C has been engineered to be easy to transport and even easier to use and is perfect for use in institutions, restaurants, schools, stores and even homes to maintain the appearance of floors and keep your premises sanitary.
Karcher - BRS 40/1000 C (2.6 Gallon) All-Purpose Scrubber 1.783-332.0
Karcher BRS 40/1000 C, 16" All-Purpose Scrubber 1.783-332.0
Our Price: $1,922.00 BRUSHES NOT INCLUDED

Karcher - BRS 40/1000 C 10 Liter (2.6 Gallon) All-Purpose Scrubber - BRUSHES NOT INCLUDED 1.783-332.0

Karcher’s BRS 40/1000 scrubber features two counter-rotating high-speed roller brushes or pads reducing handle torque for increased operator ease and comfort. Operate in a side-to-side or push-pull motion depending on operator preference or as the application demands. Its low profile allows cleaning in tight areas where many scrubbers can’t go, including right up to the edge of the wall or baseboard with no splashing, mess or cleanup.
The BRS 40/1000 C combines the advantages of single-disc machines with those of roller brush units. A special feature of the machine, which is equipped with two contra-rotating roller brushes, is a handle which rotates in several steps up to 90 degrees on both sides and can be locked in position.
In the normal position, the machine is swung to the right and left like a single-disc machine and achieves a high area performance. Locking the handle in the 90-degree position allows the operator to work in precise lanes, forwards and backwards as with a standard scrubber drier. This enables effective cleaning of large areas and cleaning to be performed close to walls and other fixed obstacles.
In terms of cleaning performance, the BRS 40/1000 C is just as good as its bigger brothers. Its contra-rotating roller brushes produce a very high maximum contact pressure of 230 g/cm2. Even heavily structured surfaces, such as studded rubber floors and non-slip tiles, present no problems. Its low-profile construction means that it can also reach floor areas underneath radiators, cupboards and shelves (min. 135 mm); on the flanks only (100 mm).
The robust, smooth-running induction motor has a high power output of 2100 W. The motor bracket is made of solid aluminium, the base plate of stainless steel. No tools are required for carbon brush replacement. Two sturdy rollers guarantee easy manoeuvrability. The handle folds down so that the unit can be stowed in a minimum of space or transported in a passenger car.
Pullman Holt GB14 Gloss Boss Auto Scrubber, GB14-100240
GB14 Gloss Boss Auto Scrubber, GB14-100240
Our Price: $2,550.00

Pullman Holt GB14 Gloss Boss Auto Scrubber, GB14-100240
The most compact battery powered auto scrubber on the market today!  Smart design provides big scrubber performance in a small package.
- Easy to operate, just fill the solution tank, lower the squeegee and go.
- Moves around tight, congested areas and leaves floors perfectly dry in one pass.
- Equipped with a no-maintenance AGM battery with built-in charger.
- Provides one hour of run time and approximately 10,000 square feet of cleaning before recharging.
The Gloss Boss auto scrubber is the most advanced and effective cleaning solution for your hard floors.
Karcher BR 40/10 C Adv 16 Inch Cylindrical Scrubber 2.5 gal. 1.783-312.0
Karcher BR 40/10 C Adv Cylindrical Scrubber 2.5 gal. 1.783-312.0
Our Price: $3,252.00

Karcher BR 40/10 C 16 Inch Cylindrical Scrubber 2.5 gal. 1.783-312.0
This compact and flexible scrubber dryer can be used for variable applications. A low – noise cleaning is in both directions possible. Special features of the machine are the hinged push handle and the easily removable tanks, which can be carried with an ergonomic handle. The tanks can also be filled at low wash basins. The brushes and squeegees can be changed within a few seconds without any tools.