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Millions square feet of commercial real estate must be cleaned every day and for that purpose new professional equipment is being purchased on daily basis.

Up till few years ago, professional sales staff was responsible for almost 100% of these sales, but with rapid growth of the Internet a lion share of these transactions shifted to online companies, just like us.

In order for our company to be successful we have to bring our product to the consumer.

There are two ways to go about it in the online world of marketing. One way is to advertise and another way is to share our wealth with someone who is willing to do it for us. We believe that individual entrepreneurship will get us much further than relying on advertising companies that don't necessary share the same goals.

Our affiliate program is a turn key business and most importantly doesn't require any investment on your part.
You can make supplemental income if that's what you want or you can make it big. Decision is yours.

You won't have to worry about shipping, collecting payments, warranty issues and even talking to customers.
We will handle this part of the business for you. The tools we have developed combined with your entrepreneurship will guide you on the path to success.

Imagine posting a link to our online store on a forum or a blog that contains your unique ID and someone using that link as a gateway to our store and making a couple of thousand Dollars purchase and month later making another and another and another. Now, multiply it by a 100 links or maybe even a 1000 links. How would you like to get a percentage from all these transactions? This is just a simplified example how you can make money with us as an affiliate.

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